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Sound composer and Visual Artist Working and living in Linköping Sweden, Palma de Mallorca Spain, and Marrakech Mororoco. "One of the most interesting and important artists working today’ (ART IN AMERICA) ’When looking at the art of boman, you cannot be passive, but have to actively put yourself in relation to what you see and hear ....... His art deeply affects me and there is no way to escape.’ (Bo Borg, Art Critic, Member of the Association Internationale des Critique d’art, AICA) His pioneering work and use of emission spectroscopy enables him to listen to the frequencies that the material itself emits. These emissions of mattergy are then subject to analysis, the transformation into audible sounds, reflection and composition. leif.e.boman has never been satisfied with communication of the eye alone in his work. He has sought out places where dramatic events have taken place. And once there, he has literally buried himself in and collected soil specimens which he then continued to work with in different ways. Soil samples from 196 countries have been collected in a continually ongoing worldwide projectthat had its start in the early 1990s. This specimens have followed him to new projects and meetings with other soil samples and new visual ideas in a constant exploration of their visual and symbolic characteristics. For boman, the meeting with the place always includes the feeling that there must be something more; something unsaid that no amount of imagination or courage may be spared to uncover. If there is a message, you first have to find a way to hear it; only then can the attemt at interpretation begin. To find that He working together with scientist around the globe. The concept has been there for a long time: ‘If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.’ (Luke 19:40). "When seeds buried in the dark earth then the inward secrets become a flourishing Garden" RUMI SOME COLLABORATIONS PARTNERS Mark Warford N.Y U.S.A Joss Stone U.K Dave Stewart L.A (Eurytmic) Niels Lan Doky Denmark Kim Cascone San Fransisco U.S.A Sven-David Sandström U.S.Aöm National Commisson for Unesco Unicef Prof. Mark Nielsen U.S.A Hasan Dzuho Linköpings University Sweden Rawa Revolutionary Association of the Women in Afghanistan Didier Lockwood Patrick Chartol Xavier Desandre Navarre Some Bienaler and Exhibition: Bienal Chongju National museum Chongjy South Corea Bienal Art in Nature Kongju South Corea Bienal Contemporary Art Museum Santiago de Chile Bienal Omori Bellport Tokyo Japan Bienal Contemporary Art museum Osaka Japan Olympic game Athen Artiade Swedish representant in art. Contemporary Art Museum Barcelona MACBA Opening Perfofrmance UNESCO International Year of Biodiversity 2010 at Musèum National D`Historie Naturelle Paris. Bienal Marrakech 2 years. Invited to the opening of Climateconference in Paris, performimng Worldsymphony 1-196. See more at the cv.


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